How can you help?

We know in situations this complicated, emotional and large-scale it’s easy to feel hopeless and helpless but this could not be less true. The smallest act of kindness can go so far and may be the difference between a refugee surviving this difficult time in their life or becoming another tragic headline.

To help, you can give any of these 3 things:




  • all staff groups needed including nurses, paramedics, doctors, physiotherapists and mental health professionals
  • students welcome but will be supervised by qualified staff (will provide assistance to the team only)


  • Pashto, Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Tigrinya, Amharic, Oroma, Somali, German, Italian, English, French

Clinic coordinators

  • must be confident working with a crowd and language/cultural barriers
  • must be happy to help out with whatever tasks arise (helping medical teams with dressings, pharmacy runs, phone calls/advocacy, etc.)

How to sign up

  • Email
  • Our new MARDi@Home project offers general support to refugees in the UK in whatever way needed, for example:

    • Signing up with a GP, accessing legal help and social services, i.e. foodbanks, job centres
    • Understanding official letters, emails, etc
    • Email to get involved in your area


Financial and medical supplies

We run solely on donations. A box of paracetamol is 25p so no amount is too small. To help us keep this vital service running click below to donate.



Help us spread the news of this unforgivable situation far and wide as the governments and press of Europe try to hide their actions.

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